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oCPx1DConstraintA constraint
oCPx1DConstraintFlagConstraint row flags
oCPxActiveTransformData struct for use with Active Transform Notification. Used with PxScene::getActiveTransforms()
oCPxActorClientBehaviorFlagMulticlient behavior bit flags for actors
oCPxActorFlagFlags which control the behavior of an actor
oCPxActorShapeCombines a shape pointer and the actor the shape belongs to into one memory location
oCPxActorTypeIdentifies each type of actor
oCPxActorTypeFlagIdentifies each type of actor for retrieving actors from a scene
oCPxAllocationListenerAbstract listener class that listens to allocation and deallocation events from the foundation memory system
oCPxAllocatorCallbackAbstract base class for an application defined memory allocator that can be used by the Px library
oCPxAllocIdID of the Feature which owns/allocated memory from the heap
oCPxAllocIdStatsStatistics collected per AllocationId by HeapManager
oCPxAllocInfoClass to track allocation statistics, see PxgMirrored
oCPxArticulationDriveCacheArticulation drive cache
oCPxArticulationJointDriveTypeThe type of joint drive to use for the articulation joint
oCPxBaseBase class for objects that can be members of a PxCollection
oCPxBaseFlagFlags for PxBase
oCPxBaseTaskBase class of all task types
oCPxBatchQueryBatched queries object. This is used to perform several queries at the same time
oCPxBatchQueryDescDescriptor class for PxBatchQuery
oCPxBatchQueryMemoryStruct for PxBatchQuery memory pointers
oCPxBatchQueryResult< HitType >Generic struct for receiving results of single query in a batch. Gets templated on hit type PxRaycastHit, PxSweepHit or PxOverlapHit
oCPxBinaryConverterBinary converter for serialized streams
oCPxBitAndDataT< storageType, bitMask >
oCPxBitAndDataT< unsigned char, 0x80 >
oCPxBounds3Class representing 3D range or axis aligned bounding box
oCPxBroadPhaseCallbackBroad-phase callback to receive broad-phase related events
oCPxBroadPhaseCapsCaps class for broad phase
oCPxBroadPhaseRegion"Region of interest" for the broad-phase
oCPxBroadPhaseRegionInfoInformation & stats structure for a region
oCPxBroadPhaseTypeBroad phase algorithm used in the simulation
oCPxBufferedProfilerCallbackA profiler callback that is called when the event buffer of a PxProfileZone fills up or is flushed
oCPxBufferedProfilerEventEvent structure for buffered profiler callback
oCPxCCDContactModifyCallbackAn interface class that the user can implement in order to modify CCD contact constraints
oCPxClientBehaviorFlagBehavior bit flags for simulation clients
oCPxClothCollisionPlanePlane representation used for cloth-convex collision
oCPxClothCollisionSphereSphere representation used for cloth-sphere and cloth-capsule collision
oCPxClothCollisionTriangleTriangle representation used for cloth-mesh collision
oCPxClothFabricDescReferences all the data required to create a fabric
oCPxClothFabricPhaseReferences a set of constraints that can be solved in parallel
oCPxClothFabricPhaseTypeDescribe type of phase in cloth fabric
oCPxClothFlagFlag for behaviors of the cloth solver
oCPxClothMeshDescDescriptor class for a cloth mesh
oCPxClothMotionConstraintConfigSolver configuration parameters for the tether phases
oCPxClothParticlePer particle data for cloth
oCPxClothParticleMotionConstraintConstraints for cloth particle motion
oCPxClothParticleSeparationConstraintSeparation constraints for cloth particle movement
oCPxClothStretchConfigSolver configuration parameters for the vertical and horizontal stretch phase types
oCPxClothTetherConfigSolver configuration parameters for the tether phases
oCPxCollectionCollection class for serialization
oCPxCombineModeEnumeration that determines the way in which two material properties will be combined to yield a friction or restitution coefficient for a collision
oCPxConcreteTypeEnumeration of concrete classes inheriting from PxBase
oCPxConstraintConnectorThis class connects a custom constraint to the SDK
oCPxConstraintExtIDsUnique identifiers for extensions classes which implement a constraint based on PxConstraint
oCPxConstraintFlagTable of function pointers for a constraint
oCPxConstraintInfoDescriptor for a broken constraint
oCPxConstraintSolveHintConstraint type hints which the solver uses to optimize constraint handling
oCPxConstraintVisualizationFlagFlags for determining which components of the constraint should be visualized
oCPxContactHeaderBase header structure for compressed contact data
oCPxContactModifyCallbackAn interface class that the user can implement in order to modify contact constraints
oCPxContactModifyPairAn array of instances of this class is passed to PxContactModifyCallback::onContactModify()
oCPxContactPairContact report pair information
oCPxContactPairExtraDataItemBase class for items in the extra data stream of contact pairs
oCPxContactPairExtraDataIteratorA class to iterate over a contact pair extra data stream
oCPxContactPairExtraDataTypeExtra data item types for contact pairs
oCPxContactPairFlagCollection of flags providing information on contact report pairs
oCPxContactPairHeaderAn Instance of this class is passed to PxSimulationEventCallback.onContact()
oCPxContactPairHeaderFlagCollection of flags providing information on contact report pairs
oCPxContactPairPointA contact point as used by contact notification
oCPxContactPatchBaseBase header for a contact patch
oCPxContactSetAn array of contact points, as passed to contact modification
oCPxContactStreamIteratorA class to iterate over a compressed contact stream. This supports read-only access to the various contact formats
oCPxControllerBase class for character controllers
oCPxControllerBehaviorCallbackUser behavior callback
oCPxControllerBehaviorFlagController behavior
oCPxControllerCollisionFlagWhich sides a character is colliding with
oCPxControllerDebugRenderFlagDebug-rendering flags
oCPxControllerDescDescriptor class for a character controller
oCPxControllerFilterCallbackDedicated filtering callback for CCT vs CCT
oCPxControllerFiltersFiltering data for "move" call
oCPxControllerHitDescribes a generic CCT hit
oCPxControllerManagerManages an array of character controllers
oCPxControllerNonWalkableModeHow a CCT interacts with non-walkable parts
oCPxControllerShapeTypeThe type of controller, eg box, sphere or capsule
oCPxControllerStateDescribes a controller's internal state
oCPxControllerStatsDescribes a controller's internal statistics
oCPxConvexFlagFlags which describe the format and behavior of a convex mesh
oCPxConvexMeshCookingResultResult from convex cooking
oCPxConvexMeshDescDescriptor class for PxConvexMesh
oCPxCookingParamsStructure describing parameters affecting mesh cooking
oCPxCpuDispatcherA CpuDispatcher is responsible for scheduling the execution of tasks passed to it by the SDK
oCPxCudaBufferBuffer which keeps informations about allocated piece of memory
oCPxCudaBufferFlagsHint flag to tell how the buffer will be used
oCPxCudaBufferMemorySpaceMemory type managed by a heap
oCPxCudaBufferTypeBuffer type: made of hint flags and the memory space (Device Memory, Pinned Host Memory, ...)
oCPxCudaContextManagerManages memory, thread locks, and task scheduling for a CUDA context
oCPxCudaContextManagerDescDescriptor used to create a PxCudaContextManager
oCPxCudaInteropModePossible graphic/CUDA interoperability modes for context
oCPxCudaMemoryManagerAllocator class for different kinds of CUDA related memory
oCPxCudaMemoryManagerStatsMemory statistics struct returned by CudaMemMgr::getStats()
oCPxD6AxisUsed to specify one of the degrees of freedom of a D6 joint
oCPxD6DriveUsed to specify which axes of a D6 joint are driven
oCPxD6JointDriveFlagFlags for configuring the drive model of a PxD6Joint
oCPxD6MotionUsed to specify the range of motions allowed for a degree of freedom in a D6 joint
oCPxDebugColorDefault color values used for debug rendering
oCPxDebugLineUsed to store a single line and colour for debug rendering
oCPxDebugPointUsed to store a single point and colour for debug rendering
oCPxDebugTextUsed to store a text for debug rendering. Doesn't own 'string' array
oCPxDebugTriangleUsed to store a single triangle and colour for debug rendering
oCPxDefaultBufferedProfilerDefault implementation for profile event handler
oCPxDeletionEventFlagFlags specifying deletion event types
oCPxDeletionListenerInterface to get notification on object deletion
oCPxDeserializationContextBinary deserialization context class
oCPxDistanceJointFlagFlags for configuring the drive of a PxDistanceJoint
oCPxDominanceGroupPairExpresses the dominance relationship of a contact. For the time being only three settings are permitted:
oCPxErrorCallbackUser defined interface class. Used by the library to emit debug information
oCPxErrorCodeError codes
oCPxFilterDataPxFilterData is user-definable data which gets passed into the collision filtering shader and/or callback
oCPxFilterFlagCollection of flags describing the filter actions to take for a collision pair
oCPxFilterObjectTypeIdentifies each type of filter object
oCPxFilterOpCollision filtering operations
oCPxFixedSizeLookupTable< NB_ELEMENTS >
oCPxFlags< enumtype, storagetype >Container for bitfield flag variables associated with a specific enum type
oCPxFlags< PxBaseFlag::Enum, PxU16 >
oCPxFlags< PxContactPairFlag::Enum, PxU16 >
oCPxFlags< PxContactPairHeaderFlag::Enum, PxU16 >
oCPxFlags< PxConvexFlag::Enum, PxU16 >
oCPxFlags< PxD6JointDriveFlag::Enum, PxU32 >
oCPxFlags< PxHeightFieldFlag::Enum, PxU16 >
oCPxFlags< PxMeshFlag::Enum, PxU16 >
oCPxFlags< PxMeshGeometryFlag::Enum, PxU8 >
oCPxFlags< PxMeshPreprocessingFlag::Enum, PxU32 >
oCPxFlags< PxPairFlag::Enum, PxU16 >
oCPxFlags< PxQueryFlag::Enum, PxU16 >
oCPxFlags< PxSceneFlag::Enum, PxU16 >
oCPxFlags< PxTriggerPairFlag::Enum, PxU8 >
oCPxForceModeParameter to addForce() and addTorque() calls, determines the exact operation that is carried out
oCPxFoundationFoundation SDK singleton class
oCPxFrictionTypeEnum for selecting the friction algorithm used for simulation
oCPxGeometryA geometry object
oCPxGeometryHolderGeometry holder class
oCPxGeometryQueryCollection of geometry object queries (sweeps, raycasts, overlaps, ...)
oCPxGeometryTypeA geometry type
oCPxGpuCopyDescInput descriptor for the GpuDispatcher's built-in copy kernel
oCPxGpuCopyDescQueueContainer class for queueing PxGpuCopyDesc instances in pinned (non-pageable) CPU memory
oCPxGpuDispatcherA GpuTask dispatcher
oCPxGpuTaskHintDefine the 'flavor' of a PxGpuTask
oCPxGroupsMask64-bit mask used for collision filtering
oCPxHeightFieldDescDescriptor class for PxHeightField
oCPxHeightFieldFlagEnum with flag values to be used in PxHeightFieldDesc.flags
oCPxHeightFieldFormatDescribes the format of height field samples
oCPxHeightFieldMaterialSpecial material index values for height field samples
oCPxHeightFieldSampleHeightfield sample format
oCPxHeightFieldTessFlagDetermines the tessellation of height field cells
oCPxHitCallback< HitType >This callback class facilitates reporting scene query hits (intersections) to the user
oCPxHitCallback< PxOverlapHit >
oCPxHitCallback< PxRaycastHit >
oCPxHitCallback< PxSweepHit >
oCPxHitFlagScene query and geometry query behavior flags
oCPxHullPolygonPolygon data
oCPxInputStreamInput stream class for I/O
oCPxJointActorIndexEnumeration for specifying one or other of the actors referenced by a joint
oCPxJointConcreteTypeEnumeration of PhysX' built-in joint types
oCPxJointLimitParametersDescribes the parameters for a joint limit
oCPxLockedDataParent class for bulk data that is shared between the SDK and the application
oCPxMat333x3 matrix class
oCPxMat444x4 matrix class
oCPxMaterialFlagFlags which control the behavior of a material
oCPxMeshCookingHintEnumeration for mesh cooking hints
oCPxMeshFlagEnum with flag values to be used in PxSimpleTriangleMesh::flags
oCPxMeshGeometryFlagSome flags to control the simulated behavior of the mesh geometry
oCPxMeshOverlapUtilUtility class to find mesh triangles touched by a specified geometry object
oCPxMeshPreprocessingFlagEnum for the set of mesh pre-processing parameters
oCPxMeshScaleA class expressing a nonuniform scaling transformation
oCPxMetaDataEntryStruct to store meta data definitions
oCPxMetaDataFlagFlags used to configure binary meta data entries, typically set through PX_DEF_BIN_METADATA defines
oCPxObstacleBase class for obstacles
oCPxObstacleContextContext class for obstacles
oCPxOutputStreamOutput stream class for I/O
oCPxPadding< TNumBytes >
oCPxPadding< 3 >
oCPxPairFlagCollection of flags describing the actions to take for a collision pair
oCPxParticleBaseFlagParticleBase flags
oCPxParticleCreationDataDescriptor-like user-side class describing buffers for particle creation
oCPxParticleExt::IndexPoolClass to manage particle indices. Extension particle index management can be useful if no application side particle index allocation functionality is available. An PxParticleExt::IndexPool instance is meant to be used for one PxParticleSystem/PxParticleFluid instance. The instance can be created with PxParticleExt::createIndexPool()
oCPxPhysicsAbstract singleton factory class used for instancing objects in the Physics SDK
oCPxPhysicsInsertionCallbackPxPhysicsInsertionCallback does provide interface from PxCooking to be able to insert TriangleMesh or HeightfieldMesh directly into PxPhysics without the need of storing the cooking results into stream
oCPxPlaneRepresentation of a plane
oCPxPrismaticJointFlagFlags specific to the prismatic joint
oCPxProcessPxBaseCallbackCallback class used to process PxBase objects
oCPxPruningStructurePruning structure used to accelerate scene queries
oCPxPS3ConfigThis class provides the interface to control memory budget and the number of SPUs used in a specific phase
oCPxPS3ConfigParamThis struct contains the parameter definitions to use with PxPS3Config
oCPxQuatThis is a quaternion class. For more information on quaternion mathematics consult a mathematics source on complex numbers
oCPxQueryCacheSingle hit cache for scene queries
oCPxQueryFilterCallbackScene query filtering callbacks
oCPxQueryFilterDataScene query filtering data
oCPxQueryFlagFiltering flags for scene queries
oCPxQueryHitTypeClassification of scene query hits (intersections)
oCPxRenderBufferInterface for points, lines, triangles, and text buffer
oCPxRepXInstantiationArgsArguments required to instantiate a serializable object from RepX
oCPxRepXObjectHelper class containing the mapping of id to object, and type name
oCPxRepXSerializerSerializer interface for RepX (Xml) serialization
oCPxRevoluteJointFlagFlags specific to the Revolute Joint
oCPxRigidBodyExtUtility functions for use with PxRigidBody and subclasses
oCPxRigidBodyFlagCollection of flags describing the behavior of a rigid body
oCPxSceneA scene is a collection of bodies, particle systems and constraints which can interact
oCPxSceneDescDescriptor class for scenes. See PxScene
oCPxSceneFlagFlags for configuring properties of the scene
oCPxSceneLimitsClass used to retrieve limits(e.g. maximum number of bodies) for a scene. The limits are used as a hint to the size of the scene, not as a hard limit (i.e. it will be possible to create more objects than specified in the scene limits)
oCPxSceneReadLockRAII wrapper for the PxScene read lock
oCPxSceneWriteLockRAII wrapper for the PxScene write lock
oCPxScopedCudaLockConvenience class for holding CUDA lock within a scope
oCPxSerializationUtility functions for serialization
oCPxSerialization::PxXmlMiscParameterAdditional PxScene and PxPhysics options stored in XML serialized data
oCPxSerializationContextBinary serialization context class
oCPxSerializationRegistryClass serving as a registry for XML (RepX) and binary serializable types
oCPxSerializerSerialization interface class
oCPxShapeExtUtility functions for use with PxShape
oCPxShapeFlagFlags which affect the behavior of PxShapes
oCPxSimpleContactBase contact point data
oCPxSimpleTriangleMeshA structure describing a triangle mesh
oCPxSimulationEventCallbackAn interface class that the user can implement in order to receive simulation events
oCPxSimulationFilterCallbackFilter callback to specify handling of collision pairs
oCPxSimulationOrderThe order in which collide and solve are run in a normal simulation time-step
oCPxSimulationStatisticsClass used to retrieve statistics for a simulation step
oCPxSpatialIndexDirect access to PhysX' Spatial Query engine
oCPxSpatialLocationCallbackCallback class for raycast and sweep queries against PxSpatialIndex
oCPxSpatialOverlapCallbackCallback class for overlap queries against PxSpatialIndex
oCPxSphericalJointFlagFlags specific to the spherical joint
oCPxSpuDispatcherA PxSpuDispatcher
oCPxStrideIterator< T >Iterator class for iterating over arrays of data that may be interleaved with other data
oCPxStrideIterator< const PxF32 >
oCPxStrideIterator< const PxFlags >
oCPxStrideIterator< const PxU32 >
oCPxStrideIterator< const PxVec3 >
oCPxStringTableTable to manage strings. Strings allocated through this object are expected to be owned by this object
oCPxStringTableExtFactory class for creating PxStringTable with a specific allocator
oCPxTaskManagerThe PxTaskManager interface
oCPxTaskTypeIdentifies the type of each heavyweight PxTask object
oCPxTolerancesScaleClass to define the scale at which simulation runs. Most simulation tolerances are calculated in terms of the values here
oCPxTransformClass representing a rigid euclidean transform as a quaternion and a vector
oCPxTriangleTriangle class
oCPxTriangleMeshFlagFlags for the mesh geometry properties
oCPxTriggerPairDescriptor for a trigger pair
oCPxTriggerPairFlagCollection of flags providing information on trigger report pairs
oCPxTypedStridedData< TDataType >
oCPxTypedStridedData< PxMaterialTableIndex >
oCPxTypeInfo< T >Structure containing per-type information for types inheriting from PxBase
oCPxUserControllerHitReportUser callback class for character controller events
oCPxVec22 Element vector class
oCPxVec33 Element vector class
oCPxVec44 Element vector class
oCPxVehicleClutchAccuracyModeChoose between a potentially more expensive but more accurate solution to the clutch model or a potentially cheaper but less accurate solution
oCPxVehicleConcreteTypeAn enumeration of concrete vehicle classes inheriting from PxBase
oCPxVehicleConcurrentUpdateDataStructure containing data that is computed for a vehicle and its wheels during concurrent calls to PxVehicleUpdates but which cannot be safely concurrently applied
oCPxVehicleCopyDynamicsMapUsed by PxVehicleCopyDynamicsData
oCPxVehicleDrivableSurfaceToTireFrictionPairsFriction for each combination of driving surface type and tire type
oCPxVehicleDrivableSurfaceTypeDriving surface type. Each PxMaterial is associated with a corresponding PxVehicleDrivableSurfaceType
oCPxVehicleDrive4WControlThe control inputs for a PxVehicleDrive4W
oCPxVehicleDrive4WRawInputDataUsed to produce smooth vehicle driving control values from analog and digital inputs
oCPxVehicleDrive4WWheelOrderThe ordering of the driven and steered wheels of a PxVehicleDrive4W
oCPxVehicleDriveDynDataData structure with instanced dynamics data for vehicle with engine, clutch, gears, autobox
oCPxVehicleDriveNWControlThe control inputs for a PxVehicleDriveNW
oCPxVehicleDriveSimDataData structure describing non-wheel configuration data of a vehicle that has engine, gears, clutch, and auto-box
oCPxVehicleDriveTankControlThe control inputs for a PxVehicleDriveTank
oCPxVehicleDriveTankControlModelTwo driving models are supported
oCPxVehicleDriveTankRawInputDataUsed to produce smooth analog tank control values from analog and digital inputs
oCPxVehicleDriveTankWheelOrderThe ordering of the wheels of a PxVehicleDriveTank
oCPxVehicleKeySmoothingDataUsed to produce smooth vehicle driving control values from key inputs
oCPxVehiclePadSmoothingDataUsed to produce smooth analog vehicle control values from analog inputs
oCPxVehicleTireLoadFilterDataTire load variation can be strongly dependent on the time-step so it is a good idea to filter it to give less jerky handling behavior
oCPxVehicleWheelConcurrentUpdateDataStructure containing data that is computed for a wheel during concurrent calls to PxVehicleUpdates but which cannot be safely concurrently applied
oCPxVehicleWheelsDynDataData structure with instanced dynamics data for wheels
oCPxVehicleWheelsSimDataData structure describing configuration data of a vehicle with up to 20 wheels
oCPxVisualDebuggerClass to communicate with the PhysX Visual Debugger
oCPxVisualDebuggerFlagPVD Flags
oCPxVisualizationParameterDebug visualization parameters
oCPxVolumeCacheVolumetric cache for local collision geometry
oCPxVolumeCache::IteratorA callback wrapper class for use with PxVolumeCache::forEach function
oCPxWheelQueryResultStructure containing data describing the non-persistent state of each suspension/wheel/tire unit. This structure is filled out in PxVehicleUpdates and PxVehicleUpdateSingleVehicleAndStoreTelemetryData
oCRepXSerializerImpl< TLiveType >
\CRepXSerializerImpl< TJointType >

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