The GameWorks Graphics Samples pack is a resource for cross-platform Vulkan 1.0 (VK10), OpenGL 4 (GL4) and OpenGL ES 2 and 3 (ES2 and ES3) development, targeting Android, Windows, and Linux (x86/x64 and Linux for Tegra). The samples run on all four target platforms from a single source base.

Use of the new Khronos Vulkan rendering APIs are shown, all the way from a single triangle to multi-threaded, animated rendering of hundreds of thousands of objects per frame.

Advanced OpenGL features such as Tessellation Shaders, Geometry Shaders, Compute Shaders, Direct State Access, Texture Arrays and Instancing are all demonstrated. In addition, support for NVIDIA's Nsight Tegra Visual Studio plug-in means that developers can experiment with their effects on Windows OpenGL and immediately rebuild and retarget to run on Android Tegra systems, including Tegra K1.

The samples also include source for a simple cross-platform application framework which forms the basis of all of the samples. This framework supports Vulkan and GL window and context management, platform-independent main event loop, handling of input devices including game controllers, asset/file reading, texture/model loading, and other Vulkan and GL utilities.

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